Publication scheme

A publication scheme to tell you where to find information we make available and whether there will be a charge for it.

Publication scheme

The ‘Freedom of Information Act 2000’ requires us to have a publication scheme to tell members of the public where to find the information we make available and whether there will be a charge for it.

The Information Commissioner’s Office sets out a model publication scheme which gives details of the types of information covered.

The following information is published on our website unless indicated otherwise.

Who we are and what we do

This includes:

  • about us
  • our responsibilities
  • organisational structure
  • our governance
  • information about the Ofqual board and executive
  • contact Ofqual
  • media enquiries
  • working for Ofqual and job vacancies

What we spend and how we spend it

This includes:

  • annual report and accounts
  • information about the Ofqual board and executive pay
  • prompt payment data
  • spend data over £25k
  • procurement at Ofqual
  • contracts £10k and over

What our priorities are and how we are doing

This includes:

  • our corporate plan
  • our goals and objectives
  • our annual reports and accounts

How we make decisions

This includes:

  • our governance framework
  • public consultations
  • minutes of our board meetings

Our policies and procedures

This includes:

  • complaints procedure
  • personal information charter
  • data protection policy
  • equality and diversity information (available on request)
  • information and records management policy (available on request)

Lists and registers

This includes:

The services we offer

This includes:

  • guidance on our regulatory work
  • guidance for awarding organisations
  • research at Ofqual
  • publications
  • newsletters and Ofqual blog
  • programme of events
  • videos about our work


We publish official statistical reports and data sets, covering regulated qualifications, to help you understand the qualifications and exams system.

The data is available for re-use under the ‘Re-Use of Public Sector Information regulations 2015’.

Requesting information

There is no charge for information available on our website. Information requested by email and supplied electronically will be supplied free of charge.

Charges may be made for photocopying, postage and packaging if information is requested in paper format. Charges will be notified and payable in advance.

Requests to Ofqual for information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) should be made by email or in writing, to

Please be as specific as possible about the information you want.

Alternatively, you can send your request to:


Earlsdon Park
53 to 55 Butts Road

Contact form https://contact.ofqual...

Telephone 0300 303 3344

You can get in touch with us if you have a question about the qualifications or awarding bodies we regulate.

Our phone line is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, except on Bank Holidays.

When you contact Ofqual, a third-party will handle your call. We have arrangements with them to ensure the security of your information. They cannot do anything with your information without our instructions. You can find out more in our Personal Information Charter.

We aim to respond to emails as quickly as possible. Sometimes it may take us longer than usual to respond, for example, when we are experiencing higher volumes of emails than normal.