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The Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland supports the Secretary of State in promoting the best interests of Scotland within a stronger United Kingdom. It ensures Scottish interests are fully and effectively represented at the heart of the UK Government, and the UK Government’s responsibilities are fully and effectively represented in Scotland.


The Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland is the UK Government’s Office for Scotland. Its role is to:

Strengthen and sustain the union

The Office acts as the custodian of the devolution settlement.

We will oversee the passage of legislation to deliver the Smith Commission Agreement in full; implement the new powers following Royal Assent of the Scotland Bill; and work constructively with the Scottish Government to ensure the effective working of the devolution settlement

Act as Scotland’s voice in Whitehall

The Office represents Scottish interests within Government and supports the rest of Government on UK matters.

We will work closely with other UK Government departments to develop UK Government policy that reflects Scottish interests.

Champion the UK Government in Scotland

The Office represents and advocates for the UK Government’s policies in Scotland.

The Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland will work across government to ensure that the UK Government communicates effectively with people in Scotland, ensuring that as one of Scotland’s two governments, the UK Government is visible and accessible.

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