Our governance

The OTS was set up in 2010 and made a permanent independent office of HM Treasury on 21 July 2015. It has now been placed on a statutory basis in Finance Bill 2016.

The OTS Framework document (PDF, 449KB, 4 pages) which supersedes the Interim Framework document (PDF, 75.4KB, 3 pages) sets out some key aspects of how the OTS will operate within the framework provided by the legislation in Finance Bill 2016.

The OTS board is led by an independent Chair and Tax Director, and has up to six further members, supported by a secretariat of civil servants and private sector secondees.

The board

The Chair and Tax Director are responsible to Ministers for the office’s work, including the content of its reports. Two other members of the board – one each from the Treasury and HMRC will join the OTS’s board in addition to their existing responsibilities. Up to four further members with relevant knowledge or experience can be appointed to the board.

The board, or its members, may be required to appear before the relevant Parliamentary committees to discuss the contents of the office’s reports.

The board is responsible for taking forward the strategic aims and objectives of the office. It meets regularly throughout the year; its minutes are published on the OTS website.


The board is supported by a small secretariat, planned to be 6-10 people or full time equivalents, including civil servants from HM Treasury and HMRC and secondees from the private sector. Summer Budget 2015 announced this expansion of the OTS and new posts will be advertised over the summer.

The secretariat supports the board in carrying out its duties and the office’s day-to-day work. This includes:

  • supporting the board in the conduct of the office’s inquiries, including through gathering evidence, conducting analysis, leading engagement with interested parties and HM Treasury and HMRC, and producing the office’s reports
  • acting as the secretariat for the board and Consultative Committee(s)
  • responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the office, including its financial management and budgeting

The team

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Board minutes