Research at OME

An introduction to the research carried out by OME and its Research and Analysis Group.

Review bodies’ research

The secretariat teams within the Office of Manpower Economics (OME) regularly commission specific research projects on behalf of the individual review bodies they support:

Cross-cutting research

Our Research and Analysis Group (RAG) is responsible for coordination and strategic oversight of OME’s analytical work. This includes commissioning cross-cutting research into remuneration, labour markets and other matters of relevance to public sector workforce policy. RAG is led by OME’s chief economist and Deputy Director, Mark Franks. It has 3 members with responsibility for:

  • improving the evidence and insight available on public sector workforce matters, including through the analysis of labour market data and drawing on external knowledge and expertise
  • working with review bodies and their secretariats to improve the evidence, and analysis of that evidence, available to them
  • Effective management of the research budget in order to deliver high-quality and relevant research and achieve value for money
  • supporting the development of the skills and knowledge base in OME on analytical issues

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Older research is available on the National Archives website.