About our services

Over one hundred events in 2017

In 2017, OFSI spoke at over 100 meetings and events about financial sanctions

One of OFSI’s objectives is to raise awareness and understanding of financial sanctions. Engaging with business, compliance specialists, public sector bodies and charities is an important way of achieving this goal.

We’ve talked about:

  • how OFSI operates and works with other competent authorities
  • how we support compliance and tackle non-compliance
  • our enforcement powers, including monetary penalties
  • our licensing and reporting requirements
  • what happens when the UK leaves the EU

Event participation allows us to listen to the things you care about. We use this information to shape our service delivery and guidance.

Event attendance

We regularly speak at commercial conferences, academic forums and business roundtables, nationally and internationally, and engage with government departments and agencies to ensure we’re joined up in how we deal with sanctions. Here’s a snapshot of some of the events we’ve attended:

  • AMLP Annual AML & Financial Crime Seminar
  • AMLSF Supervisors Forum
  • AMPS Conference
  • Annual Forum of Economic Sanctions
  • Anti-Money Laundering Advisory Committee meetings
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption Forum
  • Atlantic Council
  • Charity Commission outreach events
  • Department for International Trade Symposium
  • European AML & Financial Crime Conference
  • Export Control Organisation events
  • HMRC compliance conferences
  • ILAG Financial Crime Seminar
  • Institute of Money Laundering Prevention Officers Conference
  • Office of Foreign Asset Control Symposium
  • PropertyMark conferences
  • RUSI (Royal United Services Institute) engagement
  • Sanctions Risk Management Conference
  • SRA Annual Conference
  • The Law Society: AML and Financial Crime Conference
  • UK Finance Financial Crime & Sanctions Conference

Speaker requests

If you’d like to request a speaker for your event, please email:

ofsi@hmtreasury.gsi.gov.uk (inserting ‘Engagement Request’ in the subject line)

We aren’t normally able to visit individual companies but will consider all other requests. When emailing us, please provide as much detail as possible including:

  • date, time and location
  • topics and other speakers
  • audience details / numbers
  • publicity / media details

We aim to acknowledge your request within 24 hours.