About us

The NRAC provides independent, external, evidence based advice to the MOD Chief Scientific Adviser (Nuclear) (CSA(N)), MOD Director Warhead (and Senior Responsible Owner, SRO), DG Nuclear, and other senior MOD officials.

Who we are

We consist of an external chairman and 8 external members, All members are appointed for 3 years, thereafter renewable biennially.

Typically they will be distinguished research scientists or engineers with experience in the fields of:

  • nuclear physics
  • energetic materials
  • nuclear chemistry
  • metallurgy
  • nuclear engineering
  • systems engineering

We are assisted by officials from the Defence Nuclear Organisation (DNO), who also provide the secretariat.

Other experts are co-opted when required for areas of specialist advice.


We advise on the UK’s ability toability to design, certify, manufacture and support an effective and reliable nuclear stockpile in the context of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) and Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

This includes assessments of effectiveness, resilience and efficiency in terms of:

  • the UK warhead programme
  • the technical capabilities and resources required to support warhead-related activities
  • strategic arrangements and planning
  • collaboration with industry, academia, government and international allies