Social media use

What we share, how we manage our social media accounts and the service you can expect to receive from us on these channels.

Natural England’s official social media accounts are monitored during office hours by our Social Media Communications Team and our Enquiries Team. We moderate them reactively.


Natural England runs national and area Twitter accounts providing regular updates and comment about our work:

Twitter name Area covered
@NaturalEngland National
@NECumbria Cumbria
@NE_DCIoS Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly
@NEDorstHantsIOW Dorset, Hampshire and Isle of Wight
@NEEastMidlands Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland and the Peak District National Park
@NENorfolkSufflk Norfolk and Suffolk
@NE_Northumbria Northumberland, Durham, Tyne and Wear and Tees Valley
@NENorthWest Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Lancashire
@NESouthWest Somerset, Avon and Wiltshire
@NESussexandKent Sussex and Kent
@NE_Thames Berkshire, Buckinghamshire (including Milton Keynes), Oxfordshire, Surrey and London
@NE_WestAnglia Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire
@NE_WestMids Birmingham, the Black Country, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and West Midlands
@NEYorksNLincs Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire

Our tweets will frequently include links to announcements, press releases, photos, videos, retweets and occasional live event coverage. We do not use automation tools to generate tweets.


Natural England follows a range of Twitter users. Being followed by us does not imply any endorsement of any kind.

Replies and direct messages

We welcome your views, feedback and ideas, and aim to join in the conversation where possible. However, we’re not able to reply individually to all messages.

Sometimes, a response may take time if we have to consult with a specialist to ensure we give you the right information or answer.

We aim to read all @replies, direct messages and comments. We will ensure that any emerging themes or helpful suggestions are passed on to the relevant people in Natural England.

We aim to respond directly to queries online where we can, and where an answer can be given quickly and simply.

Please send more detailed or complex questions, such as those concerning policy issues, to the relevant contact in our contacts list.

Journalists, please direct your queries to Media enquiries.

Twitter and Freedom of Information (FOI) requests

FOI requests can be made on Twitter. However, the character limitations of Twitter may make it difficult for us to give you the information you want. For FOI requests, we will usually ask you for an email address to reply to directly. More guidance on this is provided by The Information Commissioner’s Office. The best way to submit your request is to email it to

Twitter and public consultations

We can only accept responses to our official public consultations by email or by post, not on Twitter.


Please do not knowingly transmit:

  • offensive, indecent or obscene material or abusive images and literature
  • material which can reasonably be considered as harassment of, or insulting to, other people or organisations
  • libellous statements - in law, this means a statement that lowers the reputation of a person or organisation in the eyes of a reasonable person

We reserve the right to remove any comments which do not follow these guidelines, and to block users who repeatedly breach this policy.


England’s National Nature Reserves

Where we run Facebook pages we welcome comments, feedback and involvement in discussions from everyone. However, we ask that you respect our house rules to contribute to polite and constructive conversations.

All conversations and posts should be relevant, respectful and contain language that is appropriate for all groups and ages. We reserve the right remove any comments and postings that:

  • are obscene, indecent or profane
  • contain threats or personal attacks of any kind
  • contain offensive terms directed at any individual or group
  • are defamatory or libellous
  • promote or endorse a product or service without prior agreement with Natural England
  • are excessively repetitive or constitute spam
  • contain content which constitutes invasion or a third-party’s privacy or breach copyright laws

Users who break these house rules will be issued a warning by our moderator. Repeated breach of our site use policy will result in users being banned from the page, and having access blocked.

Comments posted by third parties do not necessarily represent the opinions of Natural England. Comments and images posted which Natural England has ‘liked’ are not necessarily shared or endorsed by us.


Natural England

Natural England has a photo library on Flickr containing images of England’s wildlife and natural environment, and people in the countryside. These are free to use under non-commercial licence.

The library is self-search only. All images have been tagged with a photographer credit, caption of where and when they were taken. Please ensure you credit both the photographer and Natural England.

There is no facility to comment on our Flickr site.

Photos are subject to copyright, and not normally available for reuse without permission.


Natural England

Natural England regularly uploads short videos of topics relating to its work. These are free to watch, and there is a field where you can share your thoughts.

Comments posted on YouTube are the views of individuals and do not represent the views of Natural England. We cannot accept responsibility for the content of any comment, and we reserve the right to disable the comments section of a video if it contains abusive, obscene, indecent, offensive or threatening language.


Natural England

Natural England has a company page in LinkedIn which shares our latest evidence reports, job vacancies and other updates on our work, such as publications and climate change data.

We welcome your comments and involvement in discussions. All conversations and posts should be relevant and respectful. We reserve the right to remove comments that don’t abide by these rules.


Natural England

Natural England uploads slideshows relating to its work.


The provision of our social media services relies on a wide range of services provided by third parties, including social media site owners and internet access providers. Natural England endeavours to provide a wide range of uninterrupted social media services for its customers. We will, within the limits of our powers, do what we can to fix any problems when these services are periodically unavailable.