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The role of the National Information Board is to put data and technology safely to work for patients, service users, citizens and the professionals who serve them. The NIB brings together national health and care organisations from the NHS, public health, clinical science, social care and local government, along with appointed independent representatives to develop the strategic priorities for data and technology.

We will achieve this by engaging organisations throughout health and care and by developing strategic agreement with partner organisations. We will involve public and patient ‘voices’ in our decisions as well as ensuring professional input.


The purpose of the NIB is to:

  • provide leadership across health and care organisations on information technology and information
  • design and develop the vision, strategy and direction for the health and care system through engagement with partners and stakeholders, including industry
  • ensure that priorities for investment and delivery are clear
  • provide the annual commissioning priorities for the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) and turn these into an agreed delivery plan


The NIB’s objectives are to:

  • bring together health and care system organisations to enable a joined up approach to information technology and information
  • develop a framework which will include a plan to guide commissioning of information technology and information programmes
  • provide the annual commissioning priorities for HSCIC and turn these into an agreed delivery plan
  • provide advice on resources and priorities to the Department of Health’s Informatics Accountable Officer (IAO)
  • lead information technology and information plans cross health and care
  • seek out innovation and developments within the informatics field and ensure these appropriately influence strategic direction
  • develop and share best practice developments to encourage their use elsewhere
  • report annually on the delivery of the framework
  • ensure that important system-wide principles, such as information governance, are agreed, adopted and maintained throughout implementation of the framework

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