Publication scheme

This publication scheme sets out the types of information we usually publish and explains how to get hold of that information.

Information we publish

Who we are and what we do

We publish:

What we spend and how we spend it

We publish financial information, including:

  • financial statements, budgets and variance reports
  • financial audit reports
  • staff and board members’ allowances and expenses
  • pay, grading and recruitment information
  • procurement and tendering procedures
  • lists of contracts awarded and their value
  • internal financial regulations

What are our priorities and how are we doing

We publish corporate reports, including:

  • strategic plans
  • annual business plans
  • annual reports
  • internal and external performance reviews
  • reports to Parliament

How we make decisions

We publish:

Policies and procedures

We publish policies such as:

  • policies and procedures for the conduct of departmental business
  • policies and procedures for the provision of services
  • policies and procedures for the recruitment and employment of staff
  • customer service policies
  • records management and personal data policies

Lists and registers

We publish:

The services we offer

We publish:

Information Commissioner’s Office decision notices

How to get information

We usually publish information on this website. If you can’t find the information you need on this site, you can contact us at

Older information may be held on the National Archives website.