Defence Board

The Defence Board is the highest committee in the Ministry of Defence (MOD). It is responsible for the full range of defence business, other than the conduct of operations.

Chaired by the Secretary of State, the Defence Board is the main corporate board of the MOD, providing senior level leadership and strategic management of Defence, driving forward delivery and change. The current membership of the Defence Board is: the Secretary of State; the Minister of State for Defence Procurement; the Permanent Secretary (the most senior civilian in the Department); the Chief of the Defence Staff (the professional head of the Armed Forces); the Vice Chief of the Defence Staff (the Chief Operating Officer for the Armed Forces element of defence business); the Chief of Defence Materiel (the head of Defence Equipment and Support); the Director General Finance; and three non-executive Board members.

The Defence Board is responsible for delivery of the Defence Vision, which is: ‘To defend the United Kingdom and its interests, strengthen international peace and stability, and act as a force for good in the world’. In order to deliver this vision the Board is responsible for pursuing three high-level Departmental objectives, namely:

  • achieve success in the military tasks we undertake, at home and abroad
  • be ready to respond to tasks that might arise
  • build for the future

In pursuit of these high-level objectives the Defence Board’s core tasks are:

  • Role of Defence: To help define and articulate the Department’s strategic direction, and provide a clear vision and set of values for defence
  • Targets and Objectives: To establish the key priorities and Defence capabilities needed to deliver the strategy
  • Resource Allocation: To ensure that Defence priorities and tasks are appropriately resourced
  • Performance Management: To manage corporate performance and resources in-year to deliver the required results