Welsh language scheme

When conducting public business in Wales, English and Welsh languages are treated equally.

In all our engagement with the public in Wales, we treat the Welsh and English languages equally in accordance with the law, and in support of the Welsh Language Commissioner’s aim to promote and facilitate the Welsh language.

The Ministry of Defence’s Welsh Language Scheme sets out the services that the department will provide in Welsh.

If you require any specific MOD webpages translated into Welsh, please contact the Directorate of Defence Communications team at ddc-modinternet@mod.gov.uk.

Welsh Language Helpline: 01286 669791.

Email: MOD-WelshLanguageScheme@mod.gov.uk

Postal Address:

MOD Welsh Language Scheme
United Kingdom Strategic Command
Room HG4 Hackett Building
Defence Academy of the United Kingdom
Shrivenham SN5 8LA

MOD Welsh Language Scheme