Social media use

Information about MOD’s social media channels.

Moderation policy

The MOD encourages and welcomes involvement and support from all its audiences on social media. In the interests of healthy social media communities the following moderation policy is in place:

We reserve the right to block or delete posts containing:

  • offensive or threatening language (including swearwords)
  • potentially libellous accusations
  • words or sentences in languages other than English
  • intentionally unconstructive, off-topic or disruptive comments
  • spam or marketing unrelated products or services
  • overtly political statements
  • any form of gaming, lottery or betting
  • any unlawful use of imagery that violates copyright or breach of a licence agreement
  • any use of images that may be considered abusive, offensive, indecent or obscene
  • links to sites that may be obscene, offensive, indecent, etc

We reserve the right to ban or block users who break these rules seriously or repeatedly.

Main accounts

These are our main social media accounts, where we provide regular updates about the armed forces of the United Kingdom.

Twitter Facebook Other
Ministry of Defence @DefenceHQ @DefenceHQPress Ministry of Defence UK armed forces YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr, Tumblr
Armed Forces Day @ArmedForcesDay Armed Forces Day Blog
Royal Navy @RoyalNavy Royal Navy YouTube, Instagram
British Army @BritishArmy British Army Blog, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest
Royal Air Force @RoyalAirForce Royal Air Force YouTube, Instagram
Royal Marines @RoyalMarines Royal Marines  
Strategic Command @UKStratCom   LinkedIn
Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ) @Defenceops   Instagram
Defence Infrastructure Organisation @MOD_DIO   Blog, Instagram, Linked in, Youtube
Defence Science and Technology Laboratory @dstlmod Dstl YouTube, LinkedIn
Defence Equipment and Support @defenceES Defence Equipment and Support  
Ministry of Defence Police   @MODPolice Ministry of Defence Police, Ministry of Defence Police Youtube

Please note that individual units may also have their own social media accounts, providing updates about activity at a local level.

Recruitment accounts

Twitter Facebook Other
Royal Navy @RNJobsUK Royal Navy Recruitment  
British Army @ArmyJobs Army Jobs Army Officer Jobs YouTube, LinkedIn
Royal Air Force @RAF_Recruitment RAF Recruitment Instagram
Defence Equipment and Support   DESCareers  
Ministry of Defence Police     Ministry of Defence Police recruitment