Social media use

Information about the social media channels we use.

We use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to communicate with those who have an interest in maritime safety. We may sometimes programme Facebook posts and tweets to be published outside of working hours.


We use our Facebook page to share news about investigations, publications and general information about maritime safety.


We use @maibgovuk to share news about investigations and publications.


We have a YouTube channel where we publish videos that highlight safety issues.

How we moderate our social media channels

We will delete:

  • comments that are abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise inflammatory
  • nuisance comments which we consider to be spam
  • personal information such as telephone numbers, address details, etc
  • anything that actively and obviously identifies an individual who work for us
  • anything that advertises a commercial activity or asks for money

How we connect with other social media users

On Facebook we’ll only ‘like’ pages which don’t represent commercial interests. Being ‘liked’ by our page is not an endorsement of any kind.

On Twitter we may follow you if you follow us. Being followed by us is not an endorsement of any kind.

How we share social media messages

We will sometimes share links to other content and social media that are related to maritime safety, eg news stories and YouTube videos.

On Twitter we might also retweet, either by request or without being asked, a tweet containing information relevant to maritime safety.

How we respond across all social media channels

We make no commitment to respond to individual comments or tweets.

If you wish to contact us about an official matter you should use the contact details provided on our homepage.

We can’t respond to posts or comments on issues of party politics and we won’t answer questions which break the rules of our social media policy. Any official response we do give will be prefixed by the channel name and logo.

We accept no responsibility for Facebook, Twitter or YouTube being unavailable.