Social media use

The Insolvency Service’s Twitter policy.

Twitter policy

We explain and comment on the work the Insolvency Service (INSS) is doing by tweeting. Subjects we tweet about include:

  • major announcements, statements, statistics and research publications
  • director disqualifications
  • breaking news stories and big issues affecting INSS
  • speeches, visits and events by the Secretary of State and ministers
  • alerts when public consultations have just launched or are about to close

We also retweet stories or comments which we think will interest our followers.

Following @insolvencygovuk

Follow our Twitter feed to learn about new announcements, statements and stories. Please note that our ‘following back’ does not imply an endorsement by the Insolvency Service.


We review all @messages every day. We will try to respond to issues and trends via our Twitter feed. We will make sure any feedback from you gets to the appropriate people within the agency.

Direct messages

The limitations of Twitter’s format mean that we are not always be able to give you a full and useful reply to direct messages.