Our governance

The main decision making board at the Insolvency Service.

Insolvency Service Board

The board is responsible for the long-term success of the agency. This includes:

  • setting strategic aims and objectives
  • making sure that leadership and resources are in place to meet these aims
  • challenging and supporting management performance
  • reporting to BIS

Board members

The board is made up of both executive and non-executive members.

The executive members are:

  • Deane Beale, Inspector General and Chief Executive
  • Alec Pybus, Chief Operating Officer
  • Chris Pleass, Finance and Commercial Director
  • Dan Goad, People and Capability Director
  • Angela Crossley, Head of Insolvency Practitioner Regulation

The non-executive members are:

  • Stephen Allinson, Chair
  • Debbie Gillatt
  • Mary Chapman
  • Richard Oirschot
  • William Trower