Our governance

Information on our trustees, executive team and committees.

Management statement

Our management statement outlines our:

  • aims, objectives and targets
  • responsibilities and accountability
  • planning, budgeting and control
  • external accountability
  • staff management

Executive Team

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Our board of trustees and Chief Executive Officer meet on a regular basis to direct the development of the ILF, and to ensure that it is being managed efficiently within the terms of the Independent Living Fund (2006) trust deed.

The trust deed contains a specific power of delegation (clause 9) and there is a formal scheme of delegated authority for the ILF.

The trustees of the ILF meet regularly to discuss issues relating to the organisation. Occasionally the trustees make decisions on personal cases that have been through the normal processes at the ILF and require discussion at a higher level.

Trustees meeting minutes

ILF trustee minutes, December 2013 (PDF, 57.2 KB, 9 pages)

ILF trustee minutes, November 2013 (PDF, 67.5 KB, 12 pages)

ILF trustee conference call minutes, November 2013 (PDF, 42.7 KB, 6 pages)

ILF trustee minutes, October 2013 (PDF, 70.4 KB, 12 pages)

ILF trustee minutes, September 2013 (PDF, 62.8 KB, 11 pages)

ILF trustee minutes, July 2013 (PDF, 61.4 KB, 11 pages)

ILF trustee minutes, June 2013 (PDF, 32.6 KB, 3 pages)

ILF trustee minutes, May 2013 (PDF, 63.5 KB, 11 pages)

ILF trustee minutes, April 2013 (PDF, 63.3 KB, 11 pages)

ILF trustee minutes, March 2013 (PDF, 57.8 KB, 10 pages)

ILF trustee minutes, February 2013 (PDF, 56.8 KB, 10 pages)

Older minutes are available on the National Archives website.

Conditions of grant agreement

Public money is paid to the trust deed, through the Department for Work and Pensions, under the terms of a conditions of grant agreement.


The Audit Committee ensures the organisation is run efficiently, safely and properly, seeking assurance through a programme of internal and external audit.

The Remuneration Committee oversees and reports to the trustees on the salaries, rewards and conditions of service in place at the ILF.

The User Personal Case Committee considers individual cases where a user requests that trustees make discretionary decisions within their powers as set out in the trust deed.