Equality and diversity

High Speed Two Limited’s equality, diversity and inclusion policy.


Our equality, diversity and inclusion policy addresses the need for inclusion in our workforce and the planning, design, construction and operation of the High Speed Two (HS2) project.


The HS2 project will be a catalyst for the delivery of transport systems and infrastructure that will be inclusive by:

  • engaging with all stakeholders fairly
  • delivering value through effective management of the design
  • building and operating a safe, sustainable and reliable system to provide exceptional levels of service to passengers

We do this by:

  • embedding equality, diversity and inclusion in all our activities
  • working with stakeholders, including
    • other transport providers
    • affected parties including but not limited to tenants, landowners and occupiers
    • communities
    • staff
    • contractors
    • local and national government, and industry
  • approaching our activities proactively by
    • minimising the potential for discrimination, harassment and bullying
    • seeking out opportunities to promote inclusive development
    • seeking out the views of stakeholders
    • seeking to ensure that people with protected characteristics do not experience disproportionate disadvantage as a result of the planning, design, construction and operation of the HS2 project
  • creating opportunities for local, disadvantaged and underrepresented people and companies to benefit from the investment in HS2 by
    • increasing equal opportunity, skills and employment
    • promoting equal outcomes in the services the HS2 project will provide
  • promoting the effectiveness of the policy by
  • developing targets to measure progress
  • monitoring the implementation of the policy through the achievement of the targets


This policy applies to all employees including consultants, temporary workers, agency staff, secondees and other third parties working on HS2 Ltd premises on or behalf of HS2 Ltd.

It lets us address the needs of people and communities who have protected characteristics as specified by the Equality Act 2010.

HS2 Ltd’s equality policy will be fulfilled through the HS2 Management System.

Suppliers and third parties will agree to implementing our equality policy through contracts and agreements developed by HS2 Ltd.