Our governance

Responsibilities and membership of the Healthcare UK Governance Board

The Governance Board is accountable to Department for International Trade (DIT) and Department of Health (DH) ministers.

The Cabinet Office and the Prime Minister’s Office also have an interest in monitoring progress, does the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

The Governance Board is responsible for signing off and directing the planning of Healthcare UK activity plus overseeing the delivery of the strategy. Specific responsibilities include:

  • evaluation and agreement of the strategy and annual business plans for Healthcare UK
  • supporting the development of its strategic direction through identifying and reviewing target markets and considering whether Healthcare UK will be proactive or reactive in those markets
  • overseeing what Healthcare UK is signing up to in terms of National Health Service (NHS) provision, helping to protect NHS brand
  • advising on resource levels and expenditure
  • providing corporate governance and accountability, including ensuring Healthcare UK’s Key Performance Indicators are managed appropriately and undertaking periodic reviews
  • assistance in identifying and advising on major issues of concern relating to trade in healthcare goods and services, which may require Departmental / Governmental intervention

The make-up of Healthcare UK’s Governance Board is set by DIT and DH ministers. The composition of the Board is subject to periodic review by ministers. In the event of a Board Member standing down, nominations for new members will be made by DIT and DH, and will be submitted to ministers for approval.