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The Forensic Science Regulator ensures that the provision of forensic science services across the criminal justice system is subject to an appropriate regime of scientific quality standards.


Responsibilities involve:

  • identifying the requirement for new or improved quality standards
  • leading on the development of new standards
  • where necessary, providing advice and guidance so that providers of forensic science services can demonstrate compliance with common standards


The regulator’s priorities and aims are to see that:

  • forensic science services are delivered to appropriate standards (usually an international standard) tailored to meet the needs of the criminal justice system and subject to independent and effective assessments of quality
  • high quality advice and guidance is provided to forensic science providers, ministers and others on the forensic science requirements of the criminal justice system
  • there are effective means to investigate quality failures and to address any issues
  • there is effective collaboration with the authorities in Scotland and Northern Ireland to achieve UK-wide quality standards
  • the UK is a strong voice on projects to develop European or international standards for forensic science

Who we are

Although sponsored by the Home Office, the regulator is a public appointee and operates independently of the Home Office, on behalf of the criminal justice system as a whole. This independence allows us to make unbiased recommendations and decisions.

We collaborate with the authorities in Scotland and Northern Ireland who have expressed their willingness to be partners in the setting of quality standards which will be adopted within their justice systems.

The regulator is supported by a team of civil servants (3 scientists) with additional support provided by shared services from the Home Office and Home Office Science Secretariat. As part of this support, the Home Office occasionally procures small pieces of research on the regulator’s behalf. For more information on this process, find out about procurement at the Home Office or check the Contracts Finder.

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