About us

The UKTI Financial Services Organisation (FSO) helps attract inward investment to the UK and facilitates overseas trade in the financial and related professional service sectors.

Our responsibilities

Our responsibilities are to:

  • attract high value foreign direct investment (FDI) into the UK’s financial and related professional services
  • help UK-based companies in the financial and related professional services sectors grow their business through international trade
  • develop and maintain relationships with existing investors in the UK

Our priorities

Our priorities are to:

  • make the UK one of the world’s most competitive places for investment in the management industry
  • attract inward investment to the UK from overseas insurance companies
  • grow the market share of UK insurers in high growth economies in Asia and Latin America
  • develop the UK’s capacity to provide back and middle office functions for international financial services institutions
  • map the UK financial technology sector and identify and pursue high value trade and investment opportunities
  • deliver high value expansions and new investment from companies that have a significant presence in the UK

Who we are

The Financial Services Organisation are based in London. The FSO works closely with other government departments, the devolved assemblies, UK regions and UKTI’s network of overseas posts in embassies, high commissions and consular offices around the world.

The Financial Services Organisation takes strategic direction from the Financial Services Trade and Investment Board (FSTIB).