About us

The Efficiency and Reform Group (ERG) works in partnership with HM Treasury and government departments to deliver efficiencies, savings and reforms on behalf of UK taxpayers. ERG aims to save money, transform the way public services are delivered, improve user experience and support UK growth.


We are responsible for:

  • delivering savings by ensuring that government acts as ‘one customer’ – through combining government’s buying power, increasing our pool of suppliers to government (including small and medium-sized enterprises) and buying more quickly
  • assuring the delivery of government’s most significant projects, on time, within budget and to a high quality
  • transforming public services by being digital by default, focusing on the needs of users and making sustainable savings for government
  • supporting UK growth by allowing a wider range of UK businesses to bid for government contracts and making new commercial partnerships and businesses, including support for public service mutuals
  • reforming government’s management information and driving a clear, evidence based approach to efficiency programmes across government

We have offices in London, Newport, Norwich and Liverpool.

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