About our services

We have service level agreements and service standards for the different services that we provide.

Driving tests

We aim to:

  • give you an appointment at your preferred theory test centre within 2 weeks of your preferred date
  • have an average annual waiting time of 7.4 weeks or less for car practical driving tests

Annual tests for lorries, buses and trailers

We aim to keep 98% of confirmed reservations for our Vehicle Inspectors and Vehicle Standards Assessors to be at authorised testing facilities.

Vehicle operator and local bus service applications

We aim to determine:

  • 85% of complete goods and public service vehicle (PSV) applications (which are unopposed and don’t need a public inquiry) within 9 weeks of getting the application and required fee
  • 95% of complete applications to register, vary or cancel local bus service registrations within 5 working days of getting the completed application and required fee

Customer support

We aim to:

  • answer 70% of telephone calls within one minute
  • respond to enquiries and complaints within 10 working days

When you contact us, we will:

  • be polite, professional and treat you with respect
  • listen to your needs
  • give you clear and accurate information

 Vehicle approval, specialist tests and schemes

We aim to process applications for Individual Vehicle Approval within 10 working days of getting a completed application.

We aim to process applications within 5 working days for:

  • ADR tests to allow a vehicle to carry dangerous or hazardous goods by road
  • heavy goods vehicle first tests, changing plated details or notifiable alterations
  • PSV certificates of initial fitness and notifications of alternations or authentications
  • PSV Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) accessibility type approval certificates
  • replacement documents
  • permission to supply a large goods trailer for use on the road

We aim to process applications for European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval within 60 working days.

Emails, letters and requests for information

We aim to respond to:

  • official correspondence (letters passed to us by ministers) within 20 working days
  • all ministerial correspondence within 7 working days
  • all Parliamentary questions within their due date
  • Freedom of Information requests within 20 working days

Doing business with us

When you do business with us, we aim to pay invoices within 5 working days.