About our services

DVS services for local, regional and devolved government

DVS provides property services to regional development agencies, local authorities, the Scottish Government and Welsh Assembly Government.

DVS’s expertise directly informs regional and local policy decisions, and economic and social regeneration initiatives.

They provide detailed property reports and analysis, for example ‘Development Viability Appraisals’ to establish affordable housing levels, and on strategic community-based joint venture developments (HUB) in Scotland.

DVS specialises in strategic housing issues, advising on developer selection for regeneration schemes, negotiating with developers on affordable housing issues, and analysing, valuing and reviewing housing stock portfolios.

As commercial development experts, DVS works closely with local authorities on regeneration projects, town centre renewals, and a wide variety of mixed-use and other developments.

They also specialise in developing and delivering asset plans and estate management strategy for local authorities, to address Comprehensive Performance Assessment recommendations and improve asset performance ratings. By reviewing and benchmarking property assets, DVS identifies opportunities for releasing value financial savings and service improvements.

Local, regional and devolved government services

DVS provides the following services:

  • independent Development Viability Appraisals
  • asset valuations under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountability (CIPFA) guidance
  • negotiating affordable housing mixes, values and commuted sum payments
  • Section 106 planning agreements and issues under the Town and Country Planning Acts (Section 75 in Scotland)
  • land assembly and development strategy advice
  • allocating proceeds between development partners
  • planning appeals
  • overage, escalator and claw-back expertise
  • property market analysis and reports
  • asset strategies and plans
  • residential portfolio reviews and stock valuations
  • landlord and tenant services such as leases, renewals, rent reviews and dilapidations
  • compulsory purchase and compensation insurance valuations
  • asset management consultancy
  • building surveys, condition surveys, dilapidation reports and building cost estimates

Local government contacts


Ian Carruthers, Head of Local Government and Devolved Government Team


Archie Rintoul, Chief Valuer Scotland


Clive Daniels, Head of Local and Devolved Government Services Wales

DVS health sector services

DVS provides property services to NHS bodies in England, Scotland and Wales. They are familiar with best practice NHS guidance and understand the important contribution that efficient estate management makes to the delivery of front line services, particularly given the tight financial constraints under which the public sector operates.

DVS provides a range of strategic advice, including preparation and maintenance of strategic service development plans and advice on potential acquisitions and on the disposal of surplus property in accordance with the ‘Estatecode’ (Health Building Note 00-08 October 2014).

They also specialise in delivering NHS bodies’ asset valuation requirements and provide primary care premises development; as well as delivering a full ‘cradle to grave’ project service (from assisting with site selection to market testing, development brief preparation and developer selection).

Health sector services

DVS provides the following services:

  • asset management consultancy
  • initial asset health checks
  • asset valuations for financial reporting purposes under IFRS/HMT rules
  • financial appraisals for capital charging purposes
  • building surveys, referencing, and building cost estimates
  • plant and business asset advice
  • benchmarking
  • space utilisation studies
  • insurance valuations for building, plant and machinery
  • acquisition and disposal expertise
  • landlord and tenant services such as new leases, renewals, rent reviews and dilapidations
  • primary care 3PD/LIFT premises development services
  • current market rent assessments of GP practices under NHS directions
  • advising on capital funding allocations for NHS dentistry
  • LIFT market value transfers and value for money (VFM) reports

DVS: Health sector contact

Russell Lawrence, Head of Health Team

DVS transport and infrastructure services

DVS advises on new road, rail, tram and pipeline schemes as well as airport expansions and new runways. They also provide land cost estimates and compulsory purchase and compensation advice.

DVS specialise in compensation modelling, negotiations for land acquisitions and, following scheme completion, handling Part 1 compensation claims, disposal of surplus property, and ongoing asset management issues.

They provide expert witnesses at compulsory purchase order (CPO) inquiries, Upper Tribunal (Land Chamber) and Alternative Dispute Resolution hearings.

DVS provide information on market and land price changes before and after new infrastructure is put in place.

Transport and infrastructure services

DVS provides the following services:

  • initial estimates of acquisition and compensation costs
  • market change forecasting
  • route selection expertise
  • Section 17 & 18 Land Compensation Act 1961 advice
  • compulsory purchase: negotiating/ managing claims including Bight Notices and Purchase Notices
  • Part 1 Claims on disturbance
  • easements; wayleaves; licences
  • plant and machinery valuations
  • expert witness at CPO Inquiries, Lands Tribunal and alternative dispute hearings
  • resolution hearings

DVS: Transport and infrastructure contact

Richard Pugh, Head of Transport Team