Statistics at DBS

We work to a number of standards as part of our commitment to provide a first class checking service.

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Out of date service standards for the Disclosure and Barring Service. Go to our new DBS performance page.

Our performance in processing criminal records checks is measured against our published service standards.

Criminal record checks

As part of our commitment, we will aim to issue:

  • 75% of all Disclosures within 14 calendar days from receipt
  • 90% of all Disclosures within 28 calendar days from receipt
  • 99% of all Disclosures within 60 calendar days from receipt

Latest criminal record performance figures

Referrals and barring

As part of our commitment, we will aim for:

  • 99.6% accuracy rating for processing of barring cases
  • 80% of discretionary cases to be closed within 110 days

Latest referral and barring performance figures

Police performance

If you have applied for an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, we are required to ask the police if they have any relevant locally held information about you which they reasonably believe to be relevant, and should therefore be released as part of the DBS criminal record check.

The performance of each police force contacted can impact on our ability to meet our performance targets.

The performance service standards between the DBS and each police force are:

  • 85% of checks must be completed in 14 days
  • 90% of checks must be completed in 18 days*
  • 95% of checks must be completed in 25 days
  • 100% of checks must be completed in 60 days

*Failure to achieve this target may affect our ability to meet our public service standard target for enhanced DBS checks.

The police performance against these service standards is published on a monthly basis.

Latest police performance figures

Please note: An enhanced criminal record check may be sent to any number of police forces, not just those with responsibility for policing the area where the applicant lives, to carry out searches of locally held information.

Factors affecting police performance

Past police performance is not indicative of current or future performance. Performance can vary month-by-month as a result of any combination of the following factors:

  • demand - fluctuations in demand for DBS checks, over and above anticipated volumes (police are staffed and resourced according to forecast application intake volumes)
  • staffing - local recruitment and retention issues
  • systems/process - system changes, additions, upgrades and associated changes to processes and practices (including those that arise from changes in legislation and from government directives)