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Information about National Statistics releases produced by the Department for International Development.

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The Department for International Development (DFID) was replaced by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) in September 2020. This DFID page is no longer current. Instead, see Statistics at FCDO.

We publish UK aid spend in Statistics on International Development (SID). Provisional spend is published in the spring and final spend in the autumn. The SID series are designated as National Statistics publications.

Statistics on International Development reports on UK aid spend for the previous calendar year. The most recent publication relates to 2018. Previous editions can be found on our Statistics on International Development collection page.

We also publish UK Gross Public Expenditure tables as part of the Statistics on International Development publication. These can be found on our Statistics on International Development: UK Gross Public Expenditure (GPEX) collection page.

You can provide feedback on DFID’s National Statistics via the International Development Statistics User group.


Upcoming statistical releases

The release timetable

DFID makes every effort to release its national statistics as soon as possible and in an orderly manner in line with the Code of Practice for Statistics. We publish official statistics on provisional and final UK aid spending normally in spring and autumn in Statistics on International Development. We also release figures for Gross Public Expenditure on International Development after SID.

The timing of these releases is largely determined by the timetable for reporting UK ODA figures to the OECD, when the Office for National Statistics make the latest GNI estimates available, and the timing for processing and quality assuring the spending data from DFID, Other Government Departments and other ODA contributors.

Previous statistical releases

Data, Methods and Quality

Developments, improvements and user engagement


DFID conducted a short quality review of its National Statistics in 2013. The details of the review are contained in Short quality review of DFID’s National Statistics and an update of actions from the review are contained in December 2015: Review of DFID’s National Statistics in 2013 and actions undertaken.

User engagement

DFID engages with users of our National Statistics on an ongoing basis to explore issues of interest to specialist users and gain valuable feedback used to improve our National Statistics publications. We engage through public consultations on the statistics and we also have a statistics user group for receiving your ideas, feedback and comments. You can contribute to the user group here.

Archived statistics

You can find statistics published since May 2009 on GOV.UK. Our archived statistics are available from the National Archives