About us

We are responsible for overseeing negotiations to leave the EU and establishing the future relationship between the UK and EU.

About us

DExEU is responsible for overseeing negotiations to leave the European Union and establishing the future relationship between the UK and EU.


Our objectives are to:

  1. Secure the best possible deal on the United Kingdom’s departure from the EU; and build a deep and comprehensive future partnership between the UK and the EU

  2. Deliver and legislate for the UK’s smooth and orderly exit from the EU

  3. Inform, engage and mobilise interested parties to help shape and secure a successful exit from the EU

  4. Attract, develop and retain great people and organise ourselves flexibly to deliver our objectives efficiently and effectively

Senior management team

The department’s senior management team includes:

  • Philip Rycroft, Permanent Secretary
  • Sir Tim Barrow KCMG LVO MBE, UK Permanent Representative to the EU
  • Alex Ellis, Director General
  • Susannah Storey, Director General
  • Tom Shinner, Director for Policy and Delivery Coordination
  • Joanna Key, Director for Legislation and Constitution
  • Matt Baugh, Director for Negotiation Coordination Unit
  • Nathan Phillips, Director for Planning and Analysis
  • Chris Hobley, Director for Market Access Sectors
  • Eoin Parker, Director of Market Access and Budget
  • Rhys Bowen, Director for International Agreements and Trade
  • Anna Clunes, Director for Institutions and Member States
  • Hugh Elliot, Director for Communications and Stakeholders
  • Chris Jones, Director for Justice, Security and Migration and Chief Scientific Adviser
  • Helen Mills, Director for Human Resources and Corporate Centre
  • Richard Ney, Director for Finance and Corporate Centre
  • Catherine Adams and Daniel Denman, DExEU Legal Advisors

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