Our energy use

The Department for Education's measures to reduce energy consumption and costs, and carbon emissions.

We publish information on our energy consumption and report on our initiatives to reduce emissions and waste.

Greening government targets

The Greening government commitments set targets for central government departments to reduce their environmental impact.

The annual reports show the progress by government departments against the greening government commitments.

Energy use data

We provide energy use data for our main offices in our annual reports.

General information about our 5 main offices:

Building location Building size Air conditioning Heating
London - Sanctuary Buildings 21,098 square metres Fully air conditioned Gas heating
Coventry - Cheylesmore House 10,600 square metres Fully air conditioned Gas and variable refrigerant flow heating
Sheffield - 2 St Paul’s Place 6837 square metres Fully air conditioned Steam heating
Darlington - Bishopgate House 3,750 square metres Fully air conditioned Air source heat pumps
Manchester - Piccadilly Gate 3, 122 square metres Fully air conditioned Gas heating

How we plan and manage sustainable operations

All our plans and targets are aligned to the greening government commitment targets.

More detail on sustainability is available in our annual report and accounts.

More information

For more information on what we are doing to reduce our environmental impact, please contact:

Sustainable operations