About us

The Policy Profession designs, develops and proposes appropriate courses of action to help meet key government priorities and ministerial objectives.

It is our aim to improve policy making and ensure

  • better use of evidence;
  • better understanding of the political and democratic context; and
  • better planning and clarity, from the outset, as to how policies will be delivered.

The Civil Service Policy Profession works with departments across government to build a professional community. Over 18,000 Civil Servants recognise themselves as policy professionals, making us the second-largest government profession.

Our current priorities include:

  • ensuring the continued development of professional capability
  • improving the flow of knowledge within the Civil Service
  • strengthening our career development offer
  • building relationships, including with academic partners
  • learning from, and sharing best practice with, other administrations around the world

If you would like more information about the Policy Profession, please get in touch with us at policy.profession@policyprofession.gov.uk

Career opportunities and professional development

A broader diversity of thought and experience makes for the creation of better policy and it’s important that we have a professional body with a demographic to reflect the society that we serve.

The Professional Development Framework for policy professionals describes what a policy adviser needs to know and be able to do. so even if you do not have a background in policy, you may still have vital skills that we need.

Structured early career routes into policy work include a 2-year apprenticeship scheme and a 3-year graduate programme. We also offer a range of different learning opportunities for experienced professionals to progress or move into policy roles. Our professional development offer is as wide ranging as the skills you will develop and the interesting challenges you will face.

To learn more about policy careers in the Civil Service, visit the Civil Service Careers Website.

To start a job search now, visit the Civil Service Jobs website.