About us

The Policy Profession designs, develops and proposes appropriate courses of action to help meet key government priorities and ministerial objectives.

Policy professionals support ministers to shape and deliver policy that delivers the government’s objectives. We do this by bringing together a wide range of people and evidence to design, test and deliver solutions to often complex policy problems. It is our aim to improve policy making and ensure:

  • better use of evidence
  • better understanding of the political and democratic context
  • better planning and clarity, from the outset, as to how policies will be delivered

We work with departments across government to build a professional community. Over 24,000 civil servants recognise themselves as policy professionals, making us the second-largest government profession, after the operational delivery profession.

We aim to encourage diversity of thought in policy making, recognising that policy is better made by multi-disciplinary teams who engage effectively from advice through to service delivery to identify and advise on the most effective solutions.

We seek a diverse and open profession that can provide rewarding careers and opportunities to learn.

Career opportunities and professional development

We offer a high-quality programme to share knowledge, build capability and build an open profession that learns from others across and outside government. This offer is based on the Policy Profession Standards which outline the knowledge and skills expectations at 3 levels. Some of the learning at these levels is as follows:

Level 1:

  • developing and launching the first policy apprenticeship which is essential to open up and provide routeways into policy work for non-graduates (a level 4 Executive Officer targeted programme) – this standard is now also being used across public services
  • delivering a Fast Stream Policy Base Camp to over 2000 fast streamers
  • a core online learning offer, which has been accessed by over 35,000 civil servants and a core curriculum

Level 2:

  • knowledge series of workshops and webinars led by practitioners – coronavirus (COVID-19) has seen us move more events online
  • in May 2020, we launched a flexible, modularised Post Graduate Learning offer with King’s College London

Level 3:

For further information about a career in policy, please visit Civil Service Careers. For more information about the Policy Profession, you can contact us at enquiries.mailbox@policyprofession.gov.uk.

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