Policy design community

The policy design community is a place where you can:

  • meet, learn and work with other people who design policy or work in design, to develop your practice
  • discover tools and methodologies that could support your work
  • discuss specific challenges, for example in recruitment
  • celebrate successes and learn from failures
  • help shape what future policymaking might look like
  • learn from and network with like-minded people

Who the community is for

You might be interested in this community if:

  • your work involves designing policy in new and innovative ways
  • you want to learn more about policy design
  • you want to work together on policy issues with other members of the community

You do not have to be in a specific profession to join. However, you must be working in central or local government.

Getting involved

If you’re interested in discussing policy issues, you can:

Events and meetups

The community runs events to support its members across government. You will be invited to these events when you join. These events include:

  • monthly meetups
  • working groups
  • speaker series about policy design

You can sign up for future events or watch recordings of past events.

Community resources

You may find these resources useful:

Support for people who don’t work directly for government

You don’t have to be working in government to use these resources. Anyone can:

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