About us

We make sure that government has access to the best expertise and advice to support decision making.

Our vision is for a high profile, proud and effective GSE profession that attracts fresh talent and has a secure place at the heart of government decision making.

We are part of the analysis function. The analysis function in government covers professional groups who lead analytical and innovative thinking across the world.

Who we are

We are made up of over 10,000 civil servants with a background or interest in science and engineering, who work in a range of roles including those that are:

  • specialist
  • deep specialist
  • policy
  • analytical
  • operational

Crown and public servants are welcome to be members.

Our expertise is mostly located outside of London, with labs and institutes spread across the whole of the UK.

GSE is managed from within the Government Office for Science on behalf of Dr Patrick Vallance, Head of Profession, and the GSE Profession Board.


We are responsible for:

  • developing high-performing, adaptable and skilled people as part of the wider Civil Service vision for a “Brilliant Civil Service”
  • ensuring our members have access to the skills and training they need
  • providing members with access to a wide choice of careers
  • enabling members to move across departments and sectors
  • ensuring there is opportunity for all in a diverse and inclusive profession
  • helping policy makers to know who we are and what we do


From 2016 to 2017, our priorities are to meet the short term aspirations outlined in the GSE profession strategy. The strategy sets out our plan for developing the profile and effectiveness of the GSE profession.