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What we do

The Fast Track is a two-year Level 4 apprenticeship: a rewarding alternative to university with a competitive starting salary.

We recruit the brightest and best individuals and provide them with the skills, knowledge and experience they need for a successful career in the Civil Service.

Read more about the Civil Service Fast Track Apprenticeship.

Our responsibilities

We are responsible for:

  • attracting high-quality candidates to apply for the Fast Track Apprenticeship
  • recruiting sufficient numbers of Fast Track apprentices to meet the requirements of departments and agencies
  • providing candidates with clear, relevant and timely information to enable them to understand the application and assessment processes
  • managing the application process effectively
  • ensuring candidates from diverse backgrounds have the same opportunities as other candidates
  • providing successful candidates with the information they need throughout their time on the Fast Track Apprenticeship

Who we are

The Fast Track team is part of Civil Service Resourcing.

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