About our services

The profession provides a range of professional development and learning opportunities.

Career opportunities and professional development

More details on the profession and the opportunities it can provide are available on the Corporate Finance Profession pages on Civil Service Learning (CSL). This is where you can engage with your professional community and find out about all the learning, qualifications and opportunities available to help you develop your skills.

One Finance

More details on the GCFP and the opportunities and support it porovides are available on the One Finance website (account/registration required).

Learning and Development: GCFP Competency Framework

The professional competency framework for the GCFP is now available. This framework should be used in conjunction with the Civil Service Competency Framework and other civil service professional frameworks where appropriate. It is designed to be used for recruitment, selection and professional development.

The GCFP Competency Framework outlines the technical topics covered by the GCFP Skills and Knowledge Framework, and indicates the skills, knowledge and behaviours for Government Corporate Finance Professionals.

Skills and Knowledge Framework

Skills and knowledge areas in the GCFP Skills and Knowledge Framework GCFP Skills and Knowledge Framework (PDF, 280KB, 2 pages) include:

  • Financial analysis and strategy
  • Debt and / or equity capital markets
  • Valuation
  • Corporate governance and regulation
  • Project financing
  • Management of transactions

The GCFP competency framework is based on these skills and knowledge areas.

Learning and Development: Technical Training

UKGI is developing a technical training programme for its staff and the GCFP based around three key areas of knowledge that are central to providing corporate finance advice within government:

  • Public finance
  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate governance

Training will be provided through a combination of face-to-face courses, seminars, online learning via CSL and supplementary reading. Flexible learning pathways will accommodate GCFP members from different career backgrounds, differentiating between core skills and knowledge and recommended further advanced learning opportunities.

The Seminar Programme

UKGI runs a seminar programme for its staff and the GCFP. These are every two weeks and provide an opportunity to share knowledge and expertise across the whole profession. Sessions include:

  • presentations from external experts and advisers (e.g. leading law firms);
  • talks from other parts of government with whom we work closely (e.g. Office for National Statistics, HM Treasury);
  • reviews and lessons learnt from UKGI teams on completion of complex transactions or corporate finance related areas of work; and
  • UKGI staff sharing their personal experience and expertise.

To find out more about upcoming seminars or if you are interested in presenting at a seminar, please contact corporatefinanceprofession@ukgi.org.uk