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The Civil Procedure Rule Committee was set up under the Civil Procedure Act 1997 to make rules of court for the Civil Division of the Court of Appeal, the High Court and the County Court. The Civil Procedure Rules set out the practice and procedure to be followed.

CPR Part 10 (Acknowledgment of Service) and Part 12 (Default Judgment) consultation

The Civil Procedure Rule Committee (CPRC) is seeking your views.

The CPRC has commenced a new project to try to simplify the rules; this being a statutory duty under s.2(7) of the Civil Procedure Act 1997. The work is being conducted by a sub-committee chaired by Mr Justice Kerr which is approaching its task in a phased way over the next 12-24 months. In doing so, the CPRC has resolved to commence a rolling programme of consultation whereby drafting proposals are published for comment before changes are introduced. It is important to note that proposed changes to the CPR will be focused on drafting amendments and not substantive changes. Some proposals may relocate or dispense with provisions altogether.

You can read more on the sub-committee’s outline programme in the CPRC Minutes (in particular those of the 11 June 2021) on GOV.UK.

The intention is to publish both tracked change (showing the proposed revisions) and clean versions for consultation and allow six weeks (excluding August) for comments to be submitted, after which the sub-committee will review the responses and report back to the full CPRC for further determination.

If you wish to comment on the proposed changes, you should submit your comments by the published deadline to: CPRCRollingConsultations@justice.gov.uk. Please do not copy your responses to other email addresses.

The first set of proposed reforms being published for consultation concern CPR Part 10 (Acknowledgment of Service) and Part 12 (Default Judgment). Please submit any comments to CPRCRollingConsultations@justice.gov.uk by Friday 12 November 2021.

CPR PART 10 (revised following committee meeting) (MS Word Document, 27.4KB)

CPR PART 10 (revised following committee meeting): tracked (MS Word Document, 34.7KB)

CPR PART 12 (revised following committee meeting) (MS Word Document, 35.7KB)

CPR PART 12 (revised following committee meeting): Tracked (MS Word Document, 44.9KB)

Our responsibilities

We’re responsible for:

  • making and amending the Civil Procedure Rules
  • simplifying the existing rules

Privacy notice (PDF, 364KB, 4 pages)

Our priorities

Our priorities are to:

  • make the civil justice system accessible, fair and efficient
  • ensure that the rules are simple and easy to understand


The rules of committee membership are set out in section 2 of the Civil Procedure Act 1997. The committee is chaired by the Master of the Rolls, Head of Civil Justice. All non-judicial members are appointed, in accordance with the Office of the Commission for Public Appointment’s Code of Practice.

  • The Head of Civil Justice, Master of the Rolls, Sir Geoffrey Vos, Ex Officio
  • The Deputy Head of Civil Justice, Ex Officio
  • The Hon Mr Justice Kerr, High Court Judge Member
  • The Hon Mr Justice Trower, High Court Judge Member
  • Master Cook, High Court Master Member
  • His Honour Judge Bird, Circuit Judge Member
  • His Honour Judge Jarman QC, Welsh Judge Member
  • District Judge Parker, District Judge Member
  • District Judge Cohen, District Judge Member
  • Dr Anja Lansbergen-Mills, Barrister Member
  • Isabel Hitching QC Barrister Member
  • Tom Montagu-Smith QC Barrister Member
  • Mr Brett Dixon, Solicitor Member
  • Mr David Marshall, Solicitor Member
  • Mr Masood Ahmed, Solicitor Member
  • Mr John McQuater, Lay Advice/Consumer Affairs Member
  • Ms Lizzie Iron, Lay Advice/Consumer Affairs Member


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