About us

The Armed Forces' Pay Review Body (AFPRB) provides independent advice to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Defence on the pay and charges for members of the Naval, Military and Air Forces of the Crown.

Who we are

Our current members are:

  • Peter Maddison QPM (Chair)
  • Brendan Connor JP
  • Tim Flesher CB
  • Ken Mayhew
  • Lesley Mercer
  • Vilma Patterson MBE
  • Jon Westbrook CBE
  • Janet Whitworth


We are responsible for submitting reports and recommendations on pay and charges for members of the armed forces to the Secretary of State for Defence and the Prime Minister.

When reaching our recommendations, we consider:

  • the need to recruit, retain and motivate suitably able and qualified people taking account of the particular circumstances of service life
  • government policies for improving public services, including the requirement on the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to meet the output targets for the delivery of departmental services
  • the funds available to the MOD as set out in the government’s departmental expenditure limits and inflation target
  • the need for the pay of the armed forces to be broadly comparable with pay levels in civilian life
  • evidence submitted by the government and others

Code of practice

Our code of practice is included in our governance.

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