About us

The Advisory Group on Military Medicine (AGoMM) provides specialist advice to the Ministry of Defence on the medical aspects of defence against chemical, biological and radiological threats.


We are responsible for:

  • providing independent statements on the safety, efficacy and quality of medicines and medical devices that may be used by the armed forces
  • giving specific advice on medical products that are unlicensed or MOD intends to use for a purpose other than its licensed use
  • peer review research, development and acquisition programmes that will deliver future operational medical capability
  • providing independent advice on policy, doctrine, training and practice issues


Our priorities are to ensure the medicines and equipment being used are:

  • safe and effective
  • have a good evidence base

Who we are

There are 31 members of AGoMM. These are made up of 14 military members and 5 are ex-officio members from other government departments. The remainder are independent appointments to AGoMM.

The group meets 2 times a year and will ordinarily only provide advice as the result of a request from a government department, usually the MOD.