About us

We give statutory advice to ministers on the risks to human health and the environment from the release of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

We also advise on the release of certain non-GM species of plants and animals that are not native to Great Britain. Our advice has 3 possible outcomes:

  1. The application is withdrawn following ACRE’s comments.
  2. We recommend that the application is rejected.
  3. We recommend consent is granted, with any conditions we think are needed.

If government grants consent we also look at any monitoring outcomes and make further assessments if required.


We provide advice to government on:

  • issuing consents to release or market GMOs
  • limitations of consents issued, including monitoring and any amendments needed
  • issuing fees and costs of enforcing consents
  • evaluating new research findings and any science-based GM matter
  • research into risks of GMOs
  • releasing non-native animals and plants into the environment
  • regulations for releasing and marketing of GMOs

Who we are

ACRE is an independent Advisory Committee composed of leading scientists. See our list of current members.


Public engagement

The ACRE sub-group on public engagement was established in February 2008.

Its terms of reference are:

  • to develop a programme of public engagement for ACRE
  • to seek agreement for its proposals from ACRE
  • to implement the programme

Previous sub-groups

Information about completed ACRE sub-groups is available on the National Archives website.

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