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Youth Justice Board update on COVID-19

In line with government advice on COVID-19, the Youth Justice Board will continue its work while following guidance on social distancing and travel.

Youth Justice Board

For the latest government advice please visit the COVID-19 advice page.

As an organisation we are taking the following action:

  • all YJB staff will work from home until further notice and will not be expected to undertake work-related travel

  • we intend to continue our work with the use of video conferencing and telephone

  • our regular meetings, fora and events will be held virtually and we will contact attendees in advance to confirm arrangements

  • we will postpone any events where it isn’t possible to meet virtually, rearranging with attendees in good time

  • we will continue to review our activity as and when government advice changes

  • we will keep in contact with youth justice partners to ensure we are providing additional support wherever that may be considered helpful

If we can offer support to any of our partner organisations and colleagues, please do let us know.

Published 18 March 2020