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YJB welcomes review of youth justice

The Youth Justice Board responds to the government's announcement of a review of youth justice.

Youth Justice Board for England and Wales

The Youth Justice Board’s (YJB) Chair, Lord McNally, has responded to the written ministerial statement laid by the Secretary of State, Michael Gove, today, announcing a review of youth justice.

YJB’s Chair, Lord McNally said:

The YJB has been clear that a strategic review of the youth justice system is essential as the current system cannot sustain further piecemeal reductions in funding.

We therefore welcome this review, and hope that it will deliver lasting reform of the system as a whole. This is essential to ensure that the impressive successes of the last 15 years are recognised, preserved and resourced, and that real opportunities to deliver meaningful reform are grasped.

We will continue to advise the Secretary of State and the review team, based on our experience and expertise in youth justice.

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Published 11 September 2015