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YJB extends secure children's home contracts

The Youth Justice Board (YJB) will extend the contracts it holds with secure children’s homes (SCH) for two years, to meet the needs of some of the youngest and most vulnerable children in custody.

Youth Justice Board for England and Wales

From 1 April 2016, the YJB will contract for 117 places at eight SCHs across England and Wales. The continued fall in the number of children in custody has led to a reduction from the current total of 138 places, but every SCH which was willing to offer justice placements has been given a contract extension.

Lin Hinnigan, Chief Executive of the Youth Justice Board, said:

The YJB is committed to maintaining the secure children’s homes sector to accommodate children for whom it is appropriate provision. The welcome reduction in the number of children in custody has allowed us to review the current provision of secure children’s homes places to better match supply and demand.

The YJB will continue to place children into the secure estate using our existing criteria for placements which are driven by the needs of the individual. Those that need to be placed in a secure children’s home will be.

Number of beds contracted at each SCH

SCH Current no. of YJB beds No. of YJB beds from April 16
Adel Beck 22 16
Aldine 5 4
Aycliffe 24 18
Barton Moss 24 24
Clayfields 14 14
Hillside 10 6
Lincolnshire 11 11
Swanwick Lodge 4 0
Vinney Green 24 24
Totals 138 117


The YJB is responsible for commissioning secure places for children remanded or sentenced by the courts to custody. The YJB commissions places in under-18 young offender institutions (YOIs), secure training centres (STCs) and SCHs to ensure there are sufficient places to meet demand from courts.

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Published 1 December 2015