Press release

Work begins on Westonzoyland defence scheme

The Environment Agency begins constructing the new flood defence works at Westonzoyland in Somerset this week.


The Agency has worked closely on the design with the local community over the past few months, particularly those residents most affected by flooding. After listening to their views, it has finalised the details of a new permanent defence to replace the temporary defence installed last winter.

The access road will be built this week followed by construction of the new sheet piled wall, which will sit approximately 1 metre away from the existing garden boundaries. The top of the sheet piles will provide a functional flood defence while finishing works are completed.

Chris Smith for the Environment Agency said:

We plan to have a flood defence in place ahead of the winter. After this, we will install anchor piles and improve the visual appearance. Final detail of this will be shared with the residents nearer the time. It is unlikely we will complete all works and leave site before December. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during these works, and appreciate your understanding that the short term disruption experienced will be worth the long term benefit.

During the building of the access road there will be a lot of vehicle movements behind the properties. This will involve transporting stone and compacting it. During the building of the piled wall, a piling rig will be set-up on the newly constructed access road.

Chris Smith added:

It is essential that no members of the public access the land behind the gardens during our works. This is a construction site, and it is not safe for the public to walk here while we are working. Our priority is to keep people safe.


Published 13 October 2014