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Welcome to the new corporate home on the web for HM Revenue & Customs

GOV.UK is the new place for corporate and policy information from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has now moved its corporate content to GOV.UK – the single home for all government services and information.

You can still find HMRC advice and services on the HMRC website. The remainder of our website is due to move over by the end of 2013.

GOV.UK makes it simpler, clearer and faster to find out:

  • how government works
  • what the government is doing
  • how you can get involved


You can now see information from multiple government departments grouped by topics. For example, you can see how policies from HMRC and HM Treasury are contributing to Tax and revenue.

Clear policies

Departments and agencies that have moved to GOV.UK are publishing their policies according to the outcome the government is trying to achieve.

HMRC’s policy on Reducing tax evasion and avoidance clarifies the department’s work on reducing the £32 billion shortfall between expected tax revenue and actual tax revenue.

More about Inside Government and GOV.UK

Inside Government is still a work in progress, with only some organisations live. Work will continue as other departments and organisations, many hundreds in total, move their information to GOV.UK. This will happen in batches and will be completed during 2014.

HMRC’s previous corporate and policy information is available on the National Archives website.

Published 27 February 2013