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VOSA publish MOT garage contact list

Contact details for all MOT test stations to be published on the web.

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The contact details of all MOT test stations will be published on the web today (3 June 2010) as the government continues to make non-sensitive, non-personal data that it holds more accessible to the public.

The information, held by VOSA, will be put on the website Data.Gov which is designed to help people outside of government make use of public data.

The details being published are

  • trading name
  • address
  • contact telephone number
  • classes of vehicles tested
  • vehicle test station number

VOSA says it will make MOT stations and MOT data more readily available so that complying with road laws becomes easier for motorists.

In January, the agency published a summary of MOT failure rates for vehicle makes and models on the website.

Notes to editors

VOSA is responsible for:

  • processing applications for licences to operate lorries and buses and registering bus services
  • operating and administering testing schemes for all vehicles, including the supervision of the MOT testing scheme
  • enforcing the law on vehicles to ensure that they comply with legal standards and regulations
  • enforcing drivers’ hours and licensing requirements
  • supporting Traffic Commissioners to help them make informed decisions on operator licensing, vocational drivers and bus registration requirements
  • providing training and advice for commercial operators
  • investigating vehicle accidents, defects and recalls

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Published 3 June 2010