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Urban innovation in Singapore: opportunities for the UK

UK SMEs will travel to Singapore to meet potential partners this week - and there’s a chance for you to join the next mission in 2018.

Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Eleven UK-based businesses will visit Singapore from 16 to 22 September 2017 as part of an Innovate UK global innovation mission.

The mission will support UK-Singapore partnerships in urban infrastructure. It aims to build bridges between the 2 countries and get UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to a position where they are aware and able to exploit the opportunities on offer.

Meet the UK delegation

Companies heading to Singapore this week include:

  • Amplyfi, whose proprietary AI platform, DataVoyant, interprets open source content online to deliver insights and impact on societal and consumer behaviour change
  • Brite Yellow, which provides an indoor positioning, navigation, and virtual and augmented reality software-as-a-service platform (SaaS) for pedestrian smart mobility applications. This includes application in shopping centres, airports, train stations, hospitals and museums
  • Bronze Software, whose Framework42 product can be integrated into new and legacy systems, sensors and devices, to improve rail travel and station operations, support citizen engagement for local authorities and city flood resilience
  • CitiLogik, which analyses aggregated anonymised data to better understand vehicle and pedestrian movements to create a reliable picture of the interaction between static, slow moving, vehicle and rail movements
  • Connected Space, who are experts in product technology across connected (IoT) and emerging technologies, mobile and desktop apps, with a particular focus on future cities
  • DriverNet, a driver and customer facing app producer that connects logistics partners together via cloud infrastructure. It is able to improve the accuracy of navigation, provide drivers with site information in advance, and reduce queuing, congestion and emissions
  • EM Solutions, which pioneers AI, control systems, software development, networks and infrastructure, sensing technology, remote monitoring, systems integration, water management and sustainable drainage systems to ensure that regulations, legislation and environmental goals are met
  • Masabi, whose JustRide transit ticketing platform is a cloud-based, end-to-end mobile ticketing and fare collection system. It allows passengers to purchase tickets in any place at any time, reducing the costs to operators while improving the customer experience
  • MassiveAnalytic, with solutions including an intelligent transport system that gives early warning of heavy congestion, supports congestion management and enables smart parking, as well as AI technology for autonomous and connected cars
  • Quantimetrica, whose devices use voice recognition to interact with controlled devices, such as applications in internet of things and home automation
  • Red Ninja, which leverages open data from city systems to improve urban planning, transport systems and security. This includes clearing junctions of traffic for approaching ambulances, to speed up journey times

Building innovation and research partnerships

This is the second mission we’ve run under the Singapore urban bridges programme. These events:

  • introduce UK delegates to Singaporean peers, partners, stakeholders and challenge-holders
  • define the challenges and opportunities that can be addressed by UK-Singapore collaborations
  • explore commercial and collaborative research and development opportunities in Singapore
  • support consortium-building that will allow UK businesses to more easily exploit commercial opportunities

The activity is in line with government’s UK-Singapore Innovation and Research Partnership and commitment to Singapore’s National Research Foundation (NRF) to collaborate in support of innovation.

Take part in our next mission

We are now inviting applications for the next mission to Singapore. This is due to take place in early 2018.

Register your interest for the next mission by emailing Niraj Saraf, Infrastructure Systems, Innovate UK at

Published 11 September 2017