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UK’s Development Minister for the Caribbean launches Infrastructure Fund

The Caribbean Infrastructure Fund (UKCIF) was launched on Monday night (April 4th) by Baroness Verma, UK’s Development Minister for the Caribbean during her visit to Jamaica.


The Fund was announced by Prime Minister Cameron when he visited Jamaica and Grenada in September 2015. The Fund, which is open to Commonwealth Caribbean countries that are eligible for development assistance and to Montserrat, will provide grant funding to governments to support key economic infrastructure. Jamaica will be a major beneficiary of the Fund. At the launch Baroness Verma:

  • Welcomed the growing and strong partnership between the Caribbean and the UK.
  • Recognised the challenges facing growth in the region.
  • Announced that the UK Caribbean Infrastructure Fund is open for business, with the Caribbean Development Bank now ready to receive applications.
  • Encouraged all eligible countries to lodge applications with the Caribbean Development Bank.
  • Looked forward to the Fund supporting innovative and dynamic projects that promote growth and lay the foundations for development in the region.

Further details on the UK Caribbean Infrastructure Fund can be found at UK Caribbean Infrastructure Fund | Caribbean Development Bank

Published 6 April 2016