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UKCES welcomes the latest wave of employer-led apprenticeships announced today

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) has today welcomed the 'Get In Go Far' campaign launched by Vince Cable.

Vince Cable with Rolls Royce apprentices.
Vince Cable with Rolls Royce apprentices. Image: flickr / bisgovuk. Image used under Creative Commons.

Trailblazers are leading the way in developing a new world class apprenticeship system. By taking responsibility for designing and delivering apprenticeships, they will provide high quality, meaningful apprenticeships that work for businesses and future apprentices. The enthusiasm shown by participating employers is encouraging.

Moira McKerracher, Deputy Director at UKCES commented:

Through Trailblazers, leading employers of all sizes are coming together to hardwire apprenticeships into industrial strategy and drive productivity and business growth.

These employer partnerships have developed standards for occupations they see as crucial for developing their workforce - ones that will provide much-needed new career opportunities for young people. According to UKCES research, only 15% of employers currently offer apprenticeships. There will soon be no excuses for not getting involved.

Toby Peyton-Jones, HR Director for Siemens UK and North West Europe, and Commissioner at UKCES added:

Governments around the world have realised a demand-driven model is necessary simply because the pace of change means the only people who know what skills are needed tomorrow, let alone in five years, are the businesses themselves. Employers must take a leadership role in reaching out to providers, saying this is what we need, establishing standards and making sure quality is up to scratch.

Siemens has 400 people in apprenticeship roles, lasting three years or more. “These can take you from shop floor to top floor – our new UK CEO is an ex-apprentice, as are many of our senior managers,” Toby added. “Integrating learning and doing makes apprentices more rounded individuals and gives them an appreciation for teamwork, problem solving and applying learning to a business context, which is not always explicit in academic routes.

Published 20 August 2014