Press release

UKCES welcomes Cities Outlook 2015

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) today welcomed the publication of the Centre for Cities’ Cities Outlook 2015.


The UK Commission for Employment and Sills (UKCES) has welcomed a new report from the Centre for Cities, highlighting the important role cities play in the UK economy and the need for stronger local links among employers and education providers.

Commenting on the report, chief executive Michael Davis said:

Cities are drivers of creativity and make a vast contribution to the UK economy. This Centre for Cities report highlights the scale of that contribution, and the opportunities for growth cities provide.

The report also highlights the disparities between cities in different parts of the UK - in earnings, in skills, and in employment. For example, this supports the findings of our Employer Perspectives Survey which shows that opportunities for young people differ significantly across the UK.

We think the best way to bridge these divides is by improving the links between local businesses, training providers, and local enterprise partnerships. This is clearly going on in some cities and regions but there is an opportunity for sharing and improving our understanding of what works.

Ultimately the way forward is about better alignment between education, jobs and business opportunity. This goes to the heart of economic growth.

Published 19 January 2015