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UKCES supports call for more employers to work with schools

UKCES welcomes MyKindaCrowd research into inspiring young people about the world of work.


Research released by MyKindaCrowd yesterday (21 January 2015) highlighted the very real need for employers to be more involved in offering ‘work inspiration’ activities in person to students.

Michael Davis, CEO of UKCES commented:

For young people looking for guidance on getting their first job, it is vital that they are exposed to the wide variety of opportunities available to them. Direct contact with those already working in industry, especially, face to face contact, is vital to inspiring young people about careers that they might not otherwise be exposed to via their usual personal networks.

We know from our research that opportunities for young people for instance are more likely to come via word of mouth and personal recommendation rather than through public channels, such as job centres. Nearly a quarter (23%) of employers used word of mouth to hire their latest young recruit, compared to only 12% who used the job centre.

However, only 18% of all employers connect with schools, colleges or universities to provide work inspiration activities, such as mentoring, CV writing and career talks. This figure varies significantly across different sectors, with construction and utilities companies the least likely to engage with the education system. There is more work to be done, especially in these industries, if they are to inspire young people to consider the opportunities open to them in these sectors.

We will be releasing new data in February which looks in more detail at how many employers offer work inspiration activities, as well as opportunities for work experience placements. We will be looking at how opportunities vary both across the country and across different sectors, highlighting where young people are best able to access these sort of opportunities.

Published 22 January 2015