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UKAEA seeks new Chair

Chair sought for world leading fusion lab

JET - currently the world's largest fusion device

JET - currently the world's largest fusion device

Our primary mission is to lead the commercial development of fusion power and related technology and position the UK as a leader in sustainable nuclear energy. Our scientists and engineers are working with partners around the globe to develop fusion as a new source of clean energy for future power stations. Working with industry and academia we are also developing opportunities to enable our expertise to be used in non-nuclear applications, with an increased technology focus. We have recently been successful in attracting significant new funding for nuclear-related technological development.

The Chair will oversee UKAEA over a period of growth and establishment of new facilities. The new Chair will also need to focus on post-Brexit implications for UKAEA. The UKAEA Board is our main decision-making body and provides collective strategic and corporate leadership to the organisation.

The post is a public appointment and more information can be found on the public appointments website

Closing date is 4 January 2018

Published 7 December 2017