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UKAEA seeks new CEO

Opportunity to lead the development of future energy

Infra-red image of a fusion experiment at Culham's JET facility

Infra-red image of a fusion experiment at the JET facility, hosted at CCFE

Professor Steve Cowley is taking the position of President of Corpus Christi College, Oxford later this year. UKAEA is now seeking a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to maintain the UK’s position as a world leader in fusion technology, as well as leading the on-going development of a dynamic research and technology transfer programme.

Our fusion lab CCFE is a world-leading fusion research laboratory. Our scientists and engineers are working with partners around the globe to develop fusion as a new source of clean energy for future power stations. In partnership with industry we are also developing opportunities to work together to enable our expertise to be used in non-nuclear applications, with an increased technology focus. In addition, we are developing two thriving science centres in Oxfordshire and developing the next generation of nuclear scientists and engineers.

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Published 11 April 2016