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UK welcomes security appointments in Lebanon

For many years the UK and Lebanon have enjoyed a shared interest of protecting Lebanese security on the borders, in cities, and villages across the country.


British Ambassador to Lebanon Hugo Shorter welcomes security appointments by the Lebanese cabinet today.

Ambassador Shorter said:

I welcome the Cabinet’s decision today to make new appointments to the positions of Commander of the Lebanese Armed Forces and Director General of the Internal Security Forces.

The UK has a close partnership with the LAF and the ISF including equipment provision, mentoring and strengthening of human rights, with funding amounting to a combined total of $100m since 2011 which includes helping set up the Land Border Regiments. As such I would like to thank General Kahwaji and Director General Basbous for their huge contribution to the security of Lebanon and the cooperation which we have enjoyed over many years to further our shared interest of protecting Lebanese security, on the borders, in cities, villages and valleys up and down the country.

I would also like to congratulate General Joseph Aoun and Director General Imad Osman on their appointments as chiefs of the LAF and ISF, and General Abbas Ibrahim on his continued leadership at General Security. The UK looks forward to continuing to work with both of these institutions, to strengthen the Lebanese state and ensure the success of security institutions which are trusted and respected by the Lebanese people, thanks to their professionalism, effectiveness and respect for human rights.

Published 8 March 2017